Use marked poker cards to have an easy win

November 20, 2020


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The marked poker cards have a secret code on its back that indicates the value of the card. These marked poker cards are most practically used for magic card tricks and also in gambling for cheating purposes. Using these marked pokers while playing poker games is completely illegal.
The technological development in making marked cards
The first marked card was made with bends, crimps, and tiny bumps, and these cards are called blisters. Then they started to design the codes on the back of the card so the players can identify the value of the opponent by looking at its back itself. And they made it possible by adding or removing the patterns or lines, tint work, shade work, scrollwork, cut-out work or clock-out work. marked playing cards for sale
Due to the enhancement in the marked card techniques with the development of technology and science with the advanced shade techniques that are most futuristic and deceptive and the most used shade technique marked cards are Juice marked cards, Video luminous marked cards, luminous marked cards, etc.
Types of invisible ink marked cards
The three invisible ink marked card types that are available for sale and trend in the market are Barcode marked deck, Infrared camera marked deck and contact lenses marked cards.
Contact lenses marked cards is the first type of marked deck that is processed with invisible ink and a high-tech printing machine and the codes are marked on the back of the cards that are suitable for the poker players where they can identify the value of the opponent’s card by at its back itself. Other people can’t find the codes of the card with close distance and with normal eyes. You should wear a special contact lens to decode the code that is available on the back of the card.
Infrared camera marked deck is the second type of marked deck and this is the best tool for cheating in gambling and this most widely used by many players while playing poker games. It works only on the poker cheating cameras that are available with infrared lenses. You can read any of the code or even the availability of the code unless you use the poker camera with infrared lenses.
In Barcode marked deck, you can read the secret code by even using your phone scanning system and this compatible with all barcode analyzer systems.

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