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What is Offshore: Offshore is a process to establish a company in any other foreign locations to get benefit from the economic opportunity in other countries. Offshore companies are also opened to benefit from the complimentary tax structures that are offered by some countries. These countries are also known as offshore jurisdictions. These offshore jurisdictions create a easy tax environment to attract international investments to increase their economics profit.

Selecting the right jurisdiction is important to meet your business requirements. Some jurisdictions are best for only holding assets or conducting personal or professional services. Other jurisdictions are best for actual trading, investment holding, mobility, and financing; some jurisdictions are best known for their flag and are best suited for ship ownership and management. should I create an LLC for an online business?

Benefits of Offshore Companies:

International Trading
Holding Portfolios of stock, bonds and cash
Holding investments in subsidiary or associated companies
Benefit from double taxation treaties through intermediary holding companies
Confidentiality and wealth protection
Personal security, discretion
Providing for a loved one
Tax minimization
Personal service companies
Property and land ownership
Employment companies
Professional services contracts
Patent, royalty & copyright holding
Ship management & yacht ownership
Stock market listings and capital raising expertise
Offshore Company Formation: Offshore company formation services offers business set up in offshore jurisdictions, incorporate your company, asset protection, company management and secretarial services, offshore banking services etc.

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